Funded places available for 2,3 and 4 year olds.


We have an Ofsted Outstanding Hat Trick for all 3 of our nurseries!

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Working In Partnership with Parents

We offer free settling in sessions to ensure your child is happy and confident to be left at nursery. During these sessions we will gather all the information we can from you about your child to ensure their time at nursery is as happy and rewarding as possible.


We work in partnership with you and your child who will be allocated a dedicated key person, who is personally responsible for their care and learning and development.


We value you as your child's first educators and as active partners in the care and education of your child within our nurseries.


You are always welcome to spend time in nursery, and can drop in at any time to observe or exchange information about your child with the nursery team.  We also encourage you to share a particular hobby or your career with our children and to volunteer your assistance in assisting with trips and outings.


To enable us to liaise effectively the following opportunities are provided for you to share information about your child:


•A daily report giving details of your child's care and learning and development is provided for you to take home.



•Your child has a Learning Journal which will be a record of your child's interests, significant achievements and development throughout their time with us. We welcome your contributions (this would include all significant people involved with your child) and we and would encourage you to access your own child's journal at any time.


•Details of your child's progress and development are recorded and updated at regular intervals; and you are welcome to see and discuss these records at any time.



•A Parent Group takes place on a regular basis to discuss topical issues on childcare and development, and to assist with the development of policies and procedures and the strategic operation of the nursery.



•As your views and ideas are welcomed and valued, your involvement in the nursery is encouraged through regular parent meetings and a range of other opportunities for you to get involved in your child's care and education.



Your involvement will contribute to the quality of care, and is essential if early education is to be successful; with this in mind we have drawn up a Parent in Partnership Agreement, a copy of which you will find in our Parent Handbook.


At each of our settings we have to complete and regularly submit an updated Self Evaluation Form for our Inspectors to read through before they come along and carry out their inspection; although we have always ?self evaluated? what we offer in terms of development plans, surveys, staff meetings, management meetings, etc.  The Managers, Management Team and all staff have worked very hard to complete the Self Evaluation form, a copy of which is displayed on the parent notice boards, together with a copy of our Implementation Plan.




We also value your help in this area as your contribution is also very important; not only to the welfare and development of your child, but also to the operation of the nursery.  As part of this process, we will ask for your input into our Self Evaluation and within each nursery there is a recording process outside each group room, on which we invite you to help us in the self evaluation process.  This will be fully explained to you on registration.




We would also appreciate if you could take the time to make any additions/suggestions you may have by completing the slips left in the lobby for your use and for then placing in the suggestion box.